DNR Lakeshore Regulations

Aitkin County Minnesota, Waterfront Properties, Lake Homes, Cabins, Lake Lots

Waterfront Permits; Permit Requirments, Shoreline Alterations, Beach & Sand Blanket, Beaver Dams Information, Boat Ramps, Wildlife Ponds, Weed Control and Removal, Trees and Shrubs Shoreline Removal, Utility Crossings, Tribal Lands, Structure Setbacks, Shoreline Restoration, Road Construction, Riprap, Retaining Walls, Remodeling, Permit Applications, Lawn Landscaping, Ice Ridges, Geothermal Systems, Drill a Well, Floating Bogs Removal, Fish Stocking, Fill, Fences, Dredging, Structures and Docks along the shore, Dams, Bridge Crossing.

Minnesota Waterfront Management Programs;

Rules, Management, Programs, Questions and Answers, Tip for Owners

Shoreland Management;

River and Lakes Classification;
Lakes - Natural Environment, Recreational Development, General Development. Rivers - Remote, Forested, Transition, Agricultural, Urban, Tributary.

Waterfront Alteration Information;
Riprap, Ice Ridges, Lakescaping, Beach Sand Blanket, Personal Boat Ramp, Stairways, Landings, Lifts, Docks, Bridges.

Preserved and Protected Rivers and Adjacent Lands;
Lists and Maps, Zoning Controls, Management Programs, Existing Homes Information.

Waterfront Purchase Evaluation Information;
Local Zoning Ordinances, Lot Size, Lot Shape, Topography, Soil Conditions, Vegetation.

Minnesota Wetlands Information;
Wetlands, Wetland Facts.

Wetland Management;
Maps, Permits, Taxation, Concervation Programs, Restoration, Monitoring Wetlands.

Minnesota Divisons of Waters;
Streambank Erosion and Restoration, Flood Management, Waterfront Protection Programs, Water Supply Management, Decision Making Information.

Minnesota Lakes;
Frequently Asked Questions, Fishing and Boating Information, Lake & River Facts, DNR Programs.

Minnesota Rivers and Streams;
Mississippi River Information, River & Stream Facts, Wild & Scenic Rivers, Lengths and Depths, Water Facts, Water Quality.

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